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Barrel Aged Bottle Release

San Marcos / Temecula
Saturday April 24th @ Opening


Turkey Call - 2 bottle limit $16 + Tax/CRV per bottle.

S'Mores Bottle Logic Blend - 2 Bottle limit $20 + Tax/CRV per bottle.

Menagerie of Barrels - 2 Bottle limit $18 + Tax/CRV per bottle.


Turkey Call - 11.5% ABV. 
A single barrel project aged in Wild Turkey barrels for 9 months and then finished on toasted coconut. The barrels imparted bourbon and toffee notes which were matched with the addition of toasted coconut. Bourbon, sweet chocolate and subtle toffee aromas lead to Tootsie roll, sweet Belgian Chocolate, and a soft bourbon finish.  
S’Mores – 11.5% ABV. 
The 3 rd and final blend, brewed in July of 2018 with our friends at Bottle Logic, and aged for 27 months in three different barrels. Part of this blend was aged in a Woodford Reserve and part in a Cabernet Sauvignon barrel, the Cabernet barrel was finished in a Heaven Hill barrel for the last 3 months. The final blend was finished on Madagascar vanilla beans and toasted coconut and with a touch of Thai cinnamon. Bourbon and chocolate aromas become flavors of rich bourbon and chocolate mousse silkiness that ends with a subtle hint of graham cracker on the chocolate with lingering bourbon notes as the beer warms in your glass. 
Menagerie of Barrels - 7% ABV. 
This menagerie of wild things features blond beers aged in neutral oak barrels with white raspberries and Lactobacillus for three years. And red raspberries aged in French oak with Brettanomyces for two years. Brite tart raspberries and funky Brett aromas abound at first. Then the Lacto and rich raspberries dance on your palate and closes the show with lingering raspberry fruit and a pronounced tart finish.